January 18, 2012

Studio Make Over!


This is what my studio looked like before I decided I needed a change!

and now it looks like….



Not too pretty atm lol!

I’ve started de-cluttering although you totally cannot tell by these photos but believe me I have sorted and given away lot’s of craft supplies I just don’t use anymore which was good.

I’ve boxed up all my paintings and other bits n bobs I’m keeping. Now it’s phase two of de-clutter…

I need to find two smaller tables at the charity shop to make over and Hubby is making me a little drawer unit from an old teak sideboard.

I’ve been happily pinning away, finding ideas for what I like and you can follow me here.

Still struggling on the colour, I can see it in my mind but do you think I can match it to any Dulux or Crown paint hmm no! It wouldn’t be so hard if the colour charts were the actual colour of the paint but they aren’t and when you look online they aren’t the same either. How are you supposed to choose!!!

Anyway, this room doesn’t need much work thankfully as it was the first room we did when we moved in 4 years ago (of course Winking smile).

So this weekend we will be working on the ceiling and woodwork, then in a couple of weeks time I will be getting the paint for the walls. Hopefully by then I will have decided!

I’ll post update pics next week Smile

In the meantime I have finished my first cardigan woohoo! So excited..


Still working on two others, it’s been so much fun I can’t wait to wear the other two when they are done.

I’m also still working on some new characters to show you soon, so watch this space.




Becky K. said...

I think the planning is the best part of a redo. How fun that you are doing this project together. Enjoy...
Your cardigan is beautiful. Nice, nice job.

Niki said...

Thanks Becky! Yes I am very blessed to have such a helpful Hubby who loves DIY. x

Tisha said...

My studio is in serious need of de-cluttering. I several projects spread all over the place.

Susan said...

You are an inspiration! I know I need to de-clutter too, and can't get myself to it. I LOVE the cardigan too! Great job. :)

Hannah said...

You have inspired me to clean up the sewing room. There is a pattern in there I can't find...somewhere amongst all the fabric. If I clean it up I might come across it!

Valerie Weller said...

You certainly are keeping busy ! It's so refreshing to make some changes in the workspace. I did the same last Fall and I am loving it. Can't wait to see what you choose~ oh- and love the cardigan too~ beautiful work!

Rita said...

This is why there's nothing "under construction" at my house currently. I keep thinking of what the middle part of the job looks like - the part after you de-construct and before you're sitting down at a brand new table and creating............eeeewww

Julia said...

Cardigan looks wonderful and I'm excited to see how your make over turns out!

stacie said...

I always love starting out the new year with de-cluttering, feels so good.

Kimberly Glesenkamp said...


I love the ideas you have in the photos. We have very similar tastes!

I used to have green walls in my old bedroom when I lived at home and the green was a little energizing. It was great in a creative space. Just a thought.

I love to declutter and re-decorate as well. Have fun and enjoy! I can't wait to see it finished!