February 22, 2012

Finding My Way Again + New Art!

Since I last posted things have been improving a lot! I realised I just need to embrace all aspects of myself which includes different mediums of art. Somehow accepting that has really turned things around and I feel like I’m back in the game so to speak.

So yesterday I decided it was time to put my art on the walls, I had been enjoying the blank walls but knew I needed to decide what I wanted to put up. I wanted it simple, uncluttered and showing my range of art.

So this is how it looks and I am delighted! I’m displaying my ACEO’s on my memo board and they look fab! And a new thing.. I framed some of my drawings for display and they look really stunning. It’s great to be able to share these pics with you so you can see how my work looks up on the wall Smile



This is the wall near my computer, I put two of my 10 x 8” drawings up here and they look wonderful.


This is ‘The Village’ framed. I won’t be selling it framed but it gives you a great idea of how it looks. I’ve realised my drawings look far better un-mounted and just framed, keeping it simple shows them off a lot better.

Besides doing that I have been working on new originals and I have a few other secret projects in the works which I am totally excited about. More on those later but for now please meet….

Mr Mouse-


Inspired by my ACEO cards featuring my newest character I decided to do a A5 (8 1/4 x 5 7/8)” version. The paper is gorgeous, slightly off white and the pencil marks really pop out, this drawing will look great framed.

My other new original is ‘Signs of Spring’ inspired by the bulbs popping up in the garden and my fav time of year…


You can find both now in my Etsy shop and see more pics of the full sized versions.

Off to create more… and thank you all for your support x





Mechelle said...

I like the arrangement of paintings. You did a great job!

Sue Runyon said...

Looks great. Will be wonderful for your open studio days!

Memorable Imagery said...

Your work is incredible! It's a great idea to display your own art in your home.

AnnMarie (NaNa) said...

I love arranging pictures on a wall like you did....so visually appealing! Looks great!

Kelly said...

So inspiring!

Rita said...

Niki, your art is so innocent looking - I think it is the prfect art for nurseries......

Judy said...

I like the picture arrangements -- very nicely done.

Monika said...

Niki its beautimus, I love them all....you are very talented and I miss ya....?Monika

joanna haber said...

Yay! Im delighted for you! What awonderful collection you have for display :) & what a great idea you had with your aceos...I Love Mr Mouse! I adore all of your work...so much charm in allof your pieces! xoxo Joanna

Kelly Bermudez said...

I absolutely adore your mouse: ) He is so warm and cute!