March 05, 2012





When I was a kid I loved stickers, I’d stick them all over the place and not much has changed since I’ve got older Open-mouthed smile

So, I’ve been plotting to bring you stickers of my art for a while but wanted them to be extra special and that time has finally come!

These sticker sets are made just like my prints but with adhesive backing. They aren’t waterproof so don’t go sticking them to things you know might get wet like envelopes!

They are matte and really great quality images, I’ve stuck a load of them all over one of my Moleskine sketch books lol.

I have two sets available “Cuties” which has 10 stickers of my landscapes and characters and “Cupcakes” which has 8 cupcake images.

Stickers also have FREE Shipping to all countries, now you can’t get more special than that Winking smile





Julie said...

Such cute art and a great idea to make them into stickers! I also think its super smart to add the watermark to your pictures too :)

Zuda Gay Pease said...

So cute!!