May 23, 2012

Amazing what new photos can do


You may have noticed quite a few changes happening in the shop lately?

I have been busy re-taking my photos and learning to make them a lot better. I still think they need improving more but hey it’s progress!

I’m so into drawing and using ink and watercolours right now and am excited to share with you my latest ink cards available.

I’ve got some in the shop and if you want to see all of them they are in my Facebook album. It’s taking me a while to get them all photographed. Oh yes, these are the ones I showed in my last video.


I also wanted to share with you this photo I took of my original drawing ‘Quackers over you’ because I was thinking, it might be hard to imagine what you might do with one of my ACEO cards if you are not used to the whole ‘scene’, so here is an example for you, which I think shows off the beauty of small art.


Pretty huh?! Whilst I’m not selling them framed, this gives you a great idea of what my ACEO’s can look like framed in your own home.

I’ve been wanting to get more new art in my shop but I’m working on a big project atm for Church so I’m a little behind, but I’m making notes/sketches until I can sit down and work on them properly. I promise you’ll be the first to know when they are available, until then..





elsielight said...

Your photos are great, I like that you showed the Quackers framed. The frame really shows it off! You are right about some customers - I'm not the best at visualizing some things, and would probably not have known what to do with the painting otherwise.

Shannon Guerra said...

Gorgeous! Improving photos is a never-ending process but so worth it! I love your work!

Judy said...

I'm trying to improve my photos too -- but I still don't know what I'm doing. Your new photos look great -- real sharp. I love the photo in the frame too!

sue anderson said...

Niki - everything is looking great.


AnnMarie (NaNa) said...

I always love your artwork and framing your cards is a great idea! Can't wait till you catch up to see what you have new!

Sue Runyon said...

Niki, your photos have really improved. Good work!

Hannah said...

It looks nice to see them framed. Maybe you should sell them like this? Perfect finish to match the brown paper,

Julia said...

I like seeing your little bunny in a different pose. He's so sweet whatever position he's in though.

Anahita said...

Your artwork is lovely!