October 08, 2012

Back from a lovely country holiday

2012-09-29 11.01.36

We are back from a lovely week long holiday in the countryside. Our surroundings were just like one of my paintings which made it even more exciting!

2012-09-29 11.02.13

This is the owners farmhouse, lovely or what!?

2012-10-04 12.23.17

The view from our kitchen window of two lovely horses grazing daily.

2012-10-04 13.06.38

We went to see the horses a few times and Hubby enjoying feeding them.

2012-10-04 12.25.00

Where we sat and listened to the sound of the birds around us and relaxed.

2012-10-05 12.25.44

And then after a lovely week away we returned for our 12th wedding anniversary and celebrated by treating ourselves to a lovely cake made by Sarah of The Cake Pop Parlour. It is so yummy and she created just what we wanted with Ellie and the garden theme.

Now it’s back to work! Good job I love my work Smile





Zuda Gay Pease said...

Happy Anniversary, Nikki and Nikki's hubby! That cake is almost too cute to cut into. What a lovely vacations spot!

Hannah said...

Happy Anniversary! I still can't believe you ate the Ellie cake!

Niki said...

Ha ha, yes Hubby ate her and we both really enjoyed the cake. We shared it with our families too. x

Lorrie said...

What a gorgeous place to relax! Glad you shared your pics with us :-) May God bless you both with many more wonderful years together.

Tisha said...

Happy anniversary! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. I'm loving your artwork too.

Niki said...

Thank you Lorrie x

Niki said...

Thanks Tisha x

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a perfectly lovely holiday. :)

juliabadgley said...

Just beautiful!

Linda said...

Lovely place! I'm jealous!!! :) Glad that you had a wonderful time!!

AnnMarie (NaNa) said...

What a nice post! Happy Anniversary! Looks like heaven where you stayed! Back to reality, right?

Luella said...

Congratulation on your 12th Anniversary! What a fabulous cake - beautifully personalized in detail!

Mechelle said...

It looks like a relaxing evening. The cake is gorgeous. Happy Anniversary!