November 05, 2012

2013 Calendars and Craft Show Round Up

Last week was crazy busy finishing my preparation for the Kesgrave Community Centre craft show, which took place on Saturday. Overall it was a good day, met some lovely people but most of us didn’t see many sales.

Still, that means there is plenty of goodies left in stock for my Etsy shop and my next shows.

On Friday I managed to list my new 2013 calendars in the shop. I have a few left in stock ready to ship and am going to make more this week. These are a great way to enjoy my work all year round and at the end of the year you can frame your favourites as they are only printed on one side each 

Check them out here.




Catherine said...

Thank you for leaving me a lovely message, I love your site and I have put my postcards on a shelf - they are adorable. We should keep in touch to see what craft fairs are about! I'm looking to get into any christmas ones last-minute as I've still got plenty of stock after Saturday :s x