April 17, 2013

New Growth

2013-04-17 11.27.08

I've been busy in the garden lately sowing lot's of seeds ready for Summer. Most of what I grow are flowers for our front and back gardens and I usually grow too many and give some away to friends and family which I love to do.

I have sown some veggie seeds, this year we are growing runner beans again, here they are just starting to come up. We also have cabbages already in our raised beds which I hope will turn out ok, and some raspberries which I can't eat now but Hubby can. I've yet to sow my parsnips and carrots but nows it's warming up I'm going to get those planted.

2013-04-17 11.27.32

These are Cosmos from seeds I collected from previous years, it's such a great way to grow seeds. Once the flowers are coming to an end and the heads dry up you can collect the seeds ready for next year.

2013-04-17 11.29.06

This is the inside of my greenhouse, I've got Geraniums, Calendulars, Dahlias, Daisies, Dwarf Sweet Peas and regular Sweet Peas growing in here and I may add some Marigolds as well.

Are you growing anything this year?




sammysgrammy said...

It's a joy to see all your little pots with wee seedlings sprouting up in them. You are way ahead of me. I will buy plants at the garden store, for my garden. I've been thinking about and planning the garden but haven't done anything but daydream about it. It's still too cold to mess about in the garden. Plus, all advice regarding our planting zone is" don't do it until the end of May. (still a slight possibility of frost up til then).

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees. That calls for a trip to the garden.......

sue anderson said...

It is such a thrill to see those little green sprouts popping up.


AnnMarie said...

I would love to be growing something but sadly I am not. Every year I say I am going to do what you are doing....getting them all started ahead of time but it hasn't happened yet. My body is breaking down lately and so the hardest thing to do is garden! There is always next year, right?

Noelle said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I had my garden started like that! I planted a couple of hyacinths and a tulip, and I'll be putting in some irises and bleeding heart soon.

Hope it looks as good as yours does. :)

Hannah said...

I have been planting bulbs for spring
No veggie patch yet :(

The Passionate Pearl said...

Love to see green sprout up again...it's been a long winter!