April 24, 2013

Spring Inspired New Paintings

Birdie and Blossom Original Painting by Niki Jackson

It took me a while to get 'in the mood' for some Spring time paintings since it seemed Spring would never arrive here, but hurray it finally has!


This is 'Birdie and Blossom', I love how the colours look quite vintagey and you can just about see the little blue bird snuggled in the tree.

Blackbird Song by Niki Jackson

Blackbird Song by Niki Jackson

This is 'Blackbird Song', I had this image in my head and couldn't wait to paint the pink roses climbing up the bird house, so pretty.

Both new paintings are now available in my Etsy shop.




Noelle said...

The blackbird is so cute! I really love your art. It just makes me smile. :)

Niki said...

Thank you so much Noelle x

sue anderson said...


I love your art. There are so many that would so delightful in a nursery or a teens room.


Niki said...

Thanks Sue x

Brea said...

Niki, I love your style! These two paintings are so adorable! I'd want to hang one where I'd see it first thing in the morning just so it could cheer me up! :)

Shannon said...

Love, as always! And...we had snow yesterday. *headdesk* :)

Loretta said...

I really like your artistic style. Your paintings are very nice.

Mechelle said...

Niki your paintings turned out well! So adorable.

AnnMarie said...

So cute! Love the blackbird singing!

Kiel said...

Niki, your work is so lovely! I think your photos turned out well, too! I NEED to make a treasury with some of your stuff now! ;)

Niki said...

Aww thanks Kiel x

sammysgrammy said...

Looks like all the birdies are out on the blog blitz this week. Must be Spring.