May 29, 2013

Baking Days

Lately I have been baking a lot, it started because I've had to make some major adjustments in my diet and faced with having nothing sweet and yummy, I took to baking. At first I found it annoying that I would now have to make things if I wanted to eat nice food, but then I discovered some great recipes that actually made baking fun and rewarding.

Now don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed baking in the past and definitely watch 'The Great British Bake Off' every year but now it was a necessity.

Well fast forward several months and now baking has become therapeutic and fun!

So after many baking days and getting quite a thing for it, I had this crazy idea... 'Wouldn't it be fun to do a Julie and Julia!' ie: work my way through a recipe book, one bake at a time.


The idea has kept coming back to me and I thought it would a fun blog post series. So I introduce to you 'Baking Days', where I will be making as many of the dishes from this book Grandma's Best Recipes (new Collection) as my diet allows. Some things won't be possible like anything chocolate or cream filled but I can do most of the book and will adjust the recipes with alternate ingredients where need be.

So first up are ‘Classic Oatmeal Cookies’.


This recipe uses way more ingredients than I was used to, (in terms of grams) make sure you have a big bowl! I substituted Pure Sunflower spread for butter, all the other ingredients the same.


The wet mixture is pretty sloppy but it does go smooth after a while. I found once it was time to combine the wet and dry ingredients that using my hands was a lot easier since there was a lot of mixture and I wanted it to be properly combined. If I had used my kitchen aid it would have been a lot easier and quicker.


I broke the mixture up and rolled it into little balls and put on the baking tray spaced out. Then baked for 17 mins.

I'm really pleased with the results, they are vanillary, buttery, flap-jacky in taste and texture. Lovely just out the oven. Once left to fully cool they still tasted fantastic.



My rating for this bake is: 10/10 for ease of baking and taste.

I hope to do a recipe per week when I can, so I do hope you will follow along with me. This book is one I received as a Christmas pressie and had yet to use, this is entirely my own choice to do and not a sponsored post. {If you wanted to purchase the book, if you click my link above I will get a little percentage, if you wanted to help me out}

Let me know if you have this book and if you've made anything from it, I’d love to hear! To find all ‘Baking Days’ posts, I’m setting up a category so they will be easy to find on the right sidebar.




P.S I have changed my blog design back to the old one, it just seems to fit 'me' so much better :) x


Rita said...

This sounds like a fun experiment. I love Julie/Julia movie. It would be fun to have the recipes too. The oatmeal cookies look good and I like that they are a healthy snack.

Yolanda said...

I love your idea of doing a Julie & Julia (as long as you don't let it get you into hot water lol)! One a week should be less stressful, though. Enjoy!

Julie said...

What a great idea, and those cookies look yummy :)

kelly Bermudez said...

These look amazingly yummy!

Shannon said...

Yum! What a fun idea for a series!

AnnMarie said...

Baking is a passion of mine so this will be fun. I have never done a Julie & Julia thing. I will be happy to follow along on yours though!

Linda P said...

Neat idea for a series of posts! Hope to catch some of them! You make me hungry for cookies!