May 01, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

2013-05-01 07.18.18

It's a totally beautiful day out today and it's my birthday! I got up extra early to receive my pressie from Hubby before he had to dash to work and then Ellie enjoyed helping with with others :)

2013-05-01 07.22.53

I'm looking forward to a home baked birthday cake from my Mum tonight and seeing my family.

Have a blessed day





sammysgrammy said...

I'm so glad you have a beautiful day to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your cake and company.

Aloquin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy it :) It is YOUR day, have a blast!

Mechelle said...

Happy birthday Nikki! I hope your day is fantastic!

Kim said...

Happiest of birthdays today Niki!!

Loved the photos of Ellie . .enjoy your yummy cake tonight with your family :)

Shannon said...

Aww, happy birthday! I hope that cake is marvelous!

Niki said...

@Rita: It's a very yummy cake! I am very blessed. Thank you for the birthday wishes x

Niki said...

Thanks everyone x