April 13, 2009

On the road to great health!

For the last year since we've had Ellie I've been on a mission to change my lifestyle by losing weight and improving my fitness and so far it's going great. I've lost 24lbs so far and my fitness has improved a lot! Now I'm ready to step it up and so I've been walking a lot further and can already feel the benefits. I'm integrating more healthy foods and cutting down on processed foods gradually and I love it. I've found Angela's blog a real inspiration and have even tried my first 'Green Monster' today which tasted lovely.

I've added a widget here to track my walking progress, currently I am walking 2 miles per day and I want to increase that gradually and add in some yoga (love yoga!) and weights to gain strength. So no excuse now for not doing it lol you can all hold me accountable ;)

Don't worry this is not going to change into a fitness blog, I just wanted to post a bit about what's going on round here and encourage anyone who is also working on improving health through a healthy lifestyle and not crash dieting. So please feel free to email me or leave a comment and we can encourage eachother.

Back to painting ...


P.S I bought some carrot and tomato seeds the other day, I already have germinated the tommy's and they are doing great (pics to follow), haven't started the carrots yet so if you have any growing tips I'd love to hear them. xx


nollyposh said...

Good on you Niki X:-) i have never looked back since i changed my diet to vegan/organic... It is like putting the life back into yourself X:-) (Ps) Although i do eat fish & eggs because one of my children has severe allergies to nuts and legumes, so we pick up the protein element there- Hope you had a great Easter x

Vickie said...

I'm so glad to hear your positive progress toward better health. Keep up the good work. You have given me encouragement.

mystele said...

awesome!!! i can see the changes in your face...thank you for the motivation!

Swirlyarts said...

Wow - 24lbs is great! Well done :D

Julia said...

I can see the difference in your pics Niki, you look radiant!

Well done on the tremendous weight loss, its an awesome amount - very proud of your achievement!

Lots of love, and happy painting today

J xxx

Amy Short said...

That is awesome. I am trying to do the same thing. No more processed foods and doing a major veg bed this year...can't wait! Love your art! Glad I found you. PS. My husband is from Leiston and we spent a month there last August. :o) Amy